Is the Mobile App Boom a Business Boon?

Blog Mobile app development Is the Mobile App Boom a Business Boon?

Is the Mobile App Boom a Business Boon?

  • September 19th, 2014

  • Mobile app development

Traditional brick & mortar business has become less primitive when compared to the modern mobile ecommerce business using attractive mobile apps which keeps the customer engaged. People are now able to connect with the stores online to make a purchase through smartphones. Infact, mobile apps makes it much easier to browse the shopping cart at one’s convenience and buy products accordingly.

The customer gets a wide option to check more details on the smartphone before making any purchase. One can compare the price, quality, offers, and discounts that are available for the products on line. There is no hidden charges. People find the online shop to be straight forward to make a purchase. The mobile apps have made the work to be more simple.

The offers are prompted relevantly on the user’s mobile which keeps the shopping enthusiasm alive. While the user browse the ecommerce site using the mobile apps, the offers at nearest places or stores are flashed on the screen which provides more option for the customer to check out for the best offer in and around the city before making a purchase. He can check the product features, unit availability, cost, customer reviews etc on the mobile which acts as influencing factor to make a sale.

A study reveals that 80% of the US citizens spend their mobile time on apps and only 20% use the standard web browsing. Consumer habits are one of the essential factor that influence the buying trend using mobile apps. Converging the real-time shopping experience with the convenient mobile commerce maximizes the business opportunities.

The mobile apps play a key role in omnichannel approach of marketing which enhances the sales opportunities and influence the method of customer interaction with the business. The future of mobile commerce greatly depends on omnichannel marketing service. The current trend in the market is quite favorable for the businesses to enter into mobile applications which offers more efficient service to the customers as well as the entrepreneurs who show more interest in mobile apps for all purpose including mobile shopping and m-commerce. The mobile app boom has really become a boon for the businesses.

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