The Highlighted Top 10 Instant Messaging Apps

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The Highlighted Top 10 Instant Messaging Apps

  • July 24th, 2014

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The smartphones are becoming famous day-by-day, so are the instant messaging apps that entertain the life of people by bringing together the people all around the world under one roof to enhance relationship building. The top 10 instant messaging apps are mentioned below.

1. Whatsapp

This is a cross platform mobile messaging app which allows the user to share messages across multiple mobile platforms like Android and iPhone without any demarcation. User can create groups to chat. They can share audio and video messages. International messages can be sent freely across the existing internet plan. There are 450 million active monthly users for Whatsapp.

2. Viber

This app has more than 300 million subscribers who seek free calls and messages across the mobile internet. User can share texts, photos, video, audio, as well as stickers and smiley.

Top 10 Instant Messaging Apps Infographic


3. WeChat

WeChat is China based useful app for chatting and calling through mobile internet at no cost. There are about 450 million monthly active users for WeChat.


This is a Japan based app for instant messaging. It allows free phone calls and messages along with sharing of stickers and emoticons. This app is very popular among the teenagers.

5. Kakao Talk

This app has about 100 million subscribers who use the messaging app to share free messages. This app is based from Korea which is an interesting app for chatting.

6. Kik

Around 150 million users love to use Kik as their free instant messenger. It has built-in browser. Kik can be used for all mobile platforms like Android, iPhones, Windows, and Blackberry phones.

7. Tango

This app allows to share texts, music, audio, video, and make phone calls for free along with active video chat. It helps to socialize and even allows to play games with their contacts and follow channels.

8. Nimbuzz

This is one of the best instant messaging app for Windows PC, Mac, or Mobile Phone. It offers cheap VOIP. The app is suitable for platforms like Android, iPhone etc.

9. Hike

This is Bharati’s mobile messaging app which shares the messages instantly with all contacts. This is a free cross platform mobile messaging app where users can also share stickers, audio, and video files.

10. MessageMe

This is an interesting mobile messaging app which allows the user to express their conversation more easily with personalized messages. It is a free messaging app for all platforms like Android, iPhone etc., which helps to build contact.