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Are you in search of a quality group buying script? Then you are at the right place to pick up the perfect product to build your business.
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Are you in search of a quality group buying script?

Are you in search of a quality group buying script? Then you are at the right place to pick up the perfect product to build your business. Grouper is a reliable groupon clone script from Technoduce which has vast experience in handling ecommerce products.

Grouper provides robust settings panel for administrator and merchants which gives full control over the site. A strong communication is established between the site and the users with multiple options like newsletters, social media, blogs as well as a personalized login for each user. Grouper builds a flawless group buying site that lists the deals categorically. Most highlighting factor is that the products or services can be bought directly similar to shopping cart which makes the groupon clone script to be exclusive in the market.

Grouper is a complete solution for managing group buying deals website. It can manage admin, merchant, and user simultaneously who are the main participants of group buying site. Username and password is provided for all users who can also use Facebook id to login into site. Grouper can be the best choice to run a hassle-free group buying site.

Technoduce Grouper allows the users to participate in group deal offers and avail the deals with best offers and discount. The product provides a quality website that is safe and secured for making all money transaction via payment gateway integration such as credit card or Paypal. The administrator can manage the site efficiently using backend login. The administrator creates the merchant who also get a login to manage his account. The merchant can create the shop. The deals are added below the shop. Administrator holds the supreme power to control the activities of the website. Separate user account is created for browsing the site to buy deals.

Some notable features:
  • Create admin, merchant, and user account

  • Add and manage deals on the site

  • Listing the deals categorically on the site

  • Make a sale with proper payment transaction

  • Send regular newsletters to subscribers

  • Allow users to share deals on social media share

  • Users enjoy extra income for each referral

Grouper site believes in group buying, thus need to share the deal information with more number of people for the success of the website. Information regarding the latest deals are sent to the site users as newsletters which keeps them informed. The best way that has been adopted for spreading the deal is by allowing the users to share the deal on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Referral program is yet another motivating method adopted by Grouper group buying site. Users can earn some extra income by referring their friends or relatives.

All the activities in the site are systematic and maintains a flow of control which makes the site functional. The admin can view the graphical representation of statistical information regarding merchants and users to get insight of total users or transaction happening on the website. Newsletters can be composed and sent to subscribers belonging to particular city which helps to forward deal details in that area.

The users can buy the coupons and gift it to their friends. All the coupons are validated by either merchants or admin to authorize the deal. The payment is collected by admin and which is later given to the merchant when they place withdraw fund request.

  • Attractive themes

    The website is built with awesome themes that can retain the customers on the site

  • Clear deals display

    Deals appear with clear image and description along with value, discount, and saving details

  • Secured transactions

    Best payment gateways such as credit card and Paypal integrated with the site for money transaction

  • Social media share

    Users can share deals and opinion about them on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin

  • Referral program

    User can refer their friends or relatives to the site to earn extra income for each referral

  • Gift it for friend

    Users can buy the deals and gift the coupons to their friends

  • Newsletters

    Users can receive regular newsletters from the site about the latest added deals

  • Blogs

    Administrator can post blogs on the site and users can post their comments or likes which helps for increasing site value

  • Near me map

    Deals near by the city can be located on the map with complete address which makes it easy for users

  • Goods

    Users can buy the products or service directly at selling price similar to a shopping cart

  • What is group buying?

    Group buying allows the users to enjoy discounts and offers when a group of people are ready to buy the product

  • What is the role of administrator?

    Administrator controls the functioning of entire site. Admin creates the merchants, shops, users who participate in group buying. Admin also controls the various variables in the site. Deals can be added by admin below the merchants under the relevant shops

  • What is the role of merchant?

    Merchants are created by Admin who play a vital role in creating shops. Merchants can add deals below the shop

  • How can I add deals?

    Deals can be added under the relevant shops. The shops can be created by merchants. Merchants are created by admin. Both admin and merchants can add deals under the deals options in the setting panel.

  • How users can buy deals?

    User account can be created by the admin under customer option. The registered users will come under this list. User has to register with the site to buy the deals by clicking on the 'Buy' option.

  • Who can validate coupon code?

    Both admin and merchants can validate the coupon code by entering the code under the option 'validate coupon code' in the settings panel

  • Is money transaction safe through this site?

    Yes. Money transaction is very safe and secured with the site with integrated payment gateways such as credit card and Paypal.

  • Where can I find payment transaction details?

    In settings panel, under the option 'payment transaction' all the details regarding transaction like success, failed, hold etc are available.

  • How can merchants place withdraw fund request?

    The payments directly go to administrator. So the merchants can place the withdraw fund request with the admin under the option 'Fund request' in settings panel

  • How can I add a country or city?

    Only administrator can add country or city using the option available in settings panel -Country management and City management

  • How can I add a category?

    Only administrator can add categories using the option 'Category management' in settings panel

  • How can I add a shop?

    Merchants can add shops using the option available in settings panel.

  • How can I block a deal from display?

    Under the Deals option in settings panel, select the 'Manage deals' option to edit, block, or unblock deals on the site

  • How can I know the shipping delivery status?

    Below the Deals option in settings panel, shipping delivery option is available to know the status

  • Is there any newsletter option with the site?

    Yes. Newsletters can be send to the subscribers by the admin using 'Send Newsletter' option in settings panel

  • Can I add new page to site?

    New page as well as About us page can be added using the 'CMS management' option in settings panel

  • Where can I change the facebook/twitter/linkedin url, id, and secret key?

    Use the 'Social media page settings' to update the information regarding Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, You Tube, Analytics, and Gmap

  • Where can I set the referral amount?

    The referral amount can be set under the 'Payment transactions' in settings panel.

  • Can I change language of the site?

    The default language for the site can be set under the option ' General settings'

  • Can I change theme of the site?

    The default theme for the site can be set under the option ' General settings'

  • Can I set the currency used?

    Default currency used with the site such as its code and symbol can be set using the option 'Payment settings' in settings panel.

  • Pricing

  • General Features

  • Free installation

  • 100% source code

  • Three free themes

  • Manage group deals on the site

  • Category-wise listing of deals

  • View the deals city-wise

  • Prominent deal image and description

  • Locate deals/shop on map

  • Show nearby deals on map

  • It is Getaways to find best travel deals outside city

  • Buy deals directly at product price like shopping cart

  • Referral program for user benefit to earn income

  • Buy it for friend option

  • Social media integration to share deals

  • Blogs to express opinion

  • Cash on Delivery

  • Mobile compatible

  • Multi-language support

  • Admin Features

  • Dashboard to get insight about users, merchant, balance etc

  • Set default theme for the site

  • Select the language and currency for the site

  • Set maximum fund request limit

  • Manage payment transaction

  • Validate the coupon

  • Manage SMTP mailer settings

  • Set values for social media pages

  • Manage images like logo, favicon etc

  • Handle withdraw fund request

  • Add and manage deals on site

  • Manage customer and merchant account

  • Set values for city,country, and category

  • Manage newsletters and subscriber list

  • Merchant Features

  • Limited dashboard to manage stores

  • Create shops under merchants to add deals

  • Secured Platform to Manage Group Deals

  • Validate coupon code

  • Manage payment transaction

  • Add Ons

  • Custom design

  • Addition Payment Gateway

  • Mobile apps (iphone, Android)


Front end

Try demo from user's perspective

grouper Backend


Try demo from admin perspective admin

Why Choose Grouper?

  • Friendly admin panel

    The admin panel of Grouper is very much intuitive and user-friendly which allows the users to operate the business very easily from the back end

  • multiple-payment

    Multiple payment gateways

    Payment transactions are done safely using multiple payment gateways such as credit card, Paypal account and much more based on customization

  • Stable & secured

    The Grouper site is completely secured and stable to support the group buying deals transaction on the site with proper handling of personal details

    Stable & secured
  • good_support

    Good support

    The group buying script is supported by a team of experts who manage to provide proper guidance and quick service to the customers each time


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