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Stay up-to-date with your contacts and be ahead to get the updates, share audio, video, and messages from your kith and kin using NectarChat Whatsapp clone script
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NectarChat iPhone WhatsApp Clone Application

NectarChat is a mobile messaging application which allows user to send free messages across different platforms like Android and iPhone. One can easily contact friends using the available internet scheme which makes the application to be flexible for the users. Videos, audios, images etc can be sent via NectarChat WhatsApp clone application at no cost.

WhatsApp Clone application provides the best chat apps that supports multiple feature which makes it interesting for the users to keep in constant touch with their friends. Push notification is utilized by the application to instantly deliver messages for friends and relatives. There is no hidden cost since it uses only the internet connection. Users can send unlimited messages compatible across multiple mobile platform. Groups can be formed for the users to participate in group chatting. Users can set personal profiles as well as use the existing contact list in the mobile for sending messages. The application is connected always without any need for login which reduces confusions. NectarChat provides the best application that can save your money by sending international messages for free.

Some notable features:
  • Free text/audio/video messages

  • Support group chat

  • Use existing phone address book

  • Broadcast messages to multiple contacts

  • Create conversation shortcuts

  • Share location on map

Front end features
  • Messages via Internet
  • Messages at no cost
  • No hidden cost
  • Free international messages
  • Broadcast message across multiple contacts
  • Available across Android and iPhone
  • Send pictures, videos, sound clips, addresses, contacts
  • Create groups and group chat
  • Add/remove group member
  • Set group icon
  • Manage profile
  • Set colorful profile photo
  • Use existing phone address book
  • Push notification
  • Custom notification sound
  • Always connected (No login or logout)
  • Offline messages
  • Share locations
  • Exchange contact details
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Save the received photos
  • Shortcuts to conversation
  • Manage status message

WhatsApp Clone Application provides a wonderful mobile application for engaging oneself with free messages from local to international level without any barrier on usage. One can send unlimited messages a day since all the messages are sent via existing Internet connection on the mobile. This mobile application is accessible via multiple platforms like Android and iPhone.

The application not only allows to send text messages but also support multimedia elements such as picture, video, audio clips etc. Thus a lively environment is created by the Whatsapp Clone Application which also provides option to save the conversation. Infact, the conversation history can be sent to other contacts. Another interesting feature includes broadcasting option which allows the user to send messages to multiple users simultaneously by selecting the contact.

The appearance of the application can be enhanced by setting bright Wallpaper. The profile picture can also be set to personalize the application. The images can be taken from the list available with the application or new photos can be taken and included with the application. A status message appears near user name which will be seen by others. This status message can be set by the user.

Group chat is encouraged by the application where the user can set the topic for the group discussion as well as select a group icon. User can also add or remove contacts from the group. Another similar option with distinctive feature is broadcasting. User can send the same message to multiple people by selecting them in the list.

One of the notable feature with WhatsApp clone application is that one can find the location of the user or the contacts on the map. User can view the places on the map. The time of chat also appear near each message with options to use emoticons which can make the conversation interesting.

  • Supportive Platform

    NectarChat is a mobile application development such that it is compatible across Android and iPhone

  • Send Free Messages

    NectarChat uses the existing internet connection for sending local to international messages at free of cost.

  • Send video/audio files

    Apart from text messages, NectarChat allows to send audio and video files as well as images

  • Group chat

    Application allows contacts to participate in group conversation with options to set/change group topic and icon. Contacts can be added or removed from group.

  • Broadcast messages

    NectarChat allows the users to send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously by selecting the contacts.

  • Set profile image & Chat wallpaper

    User can select the chat wallpaper as well set the profile image for the NectarChat Application

  • shortcuts to conversation

    User can create shortcuts to conversation with the particular contact on home screen such that he/she can open and continue conversation easily.

  • shortcuts to conversation

    User can create shortcuts to conversation with the particular contact on home screen such that he/she can open and continue conversation easily.

  • Send conversation history via mail

    An entire conversation history can be sent to a contact via email including videos, audios, or pictures.

  • Chat preferences

    User can set many values like Auto download images, Font size for conversation, Wallpaper, Email chat history, Chat history backup etc.

  • Friends list

    The existing contact list in the address book of the mobile phone is utilized by the application to find your friends who are already in NectarChat

  • Share locations and places

    NectarChat Application allows to share the location of the persons involved in chat by indicating it on map

  • What is NectarChat?

    NectarChat is a mobile application which supports instant free messaging using Internet leading to free local and international chat system.

  • Can I send video or images via NectarChat?

    NectarChat application supports the messaging of all multimedia components such as images, video, audio etc.

  • Do I have to login every time to chat?

    No. There is no need for login. The application will be always connected via internet.

  • What is Group Chat?

    Group chat allows contacts to engage in group discussion on topics. Members can be added or removed from the chat. Group topic or icon can be set.

  • Can I use existing contact list in mobile?

    Yes. The existing contact list in the mobile will be available with the application which can be used for communication.

  • Can I take conversation backup?

    Yes. You can select the conversation backup option available with chat preference.

  • Can I send the conversation history to other contacts?

    Yes. Entire conversation history can be sent to another contact in the form of email including voice, video etc.

  • How can I change wallpaper?

    Using the wallpaper option in the chat menu, you can change the chat wallpaper.

  • How can I change profile picture?

    Profile picture of the NectarChat can be changed using the profile option in settings

  • Can I change my status on NectarChat application?

    Yes. The status of NectarChat can be set using main menu

  • How can I send same message to multiple contacts?

    You can use the broadcast option to send single message to multiple contacts by selecting the contact list

  • an I set custom sounds for notification?

    Yes. You can set custom sounds for the notifications.

  • Can I share locations and places?

    Yes. You can share the locations and places on the map.

  • Pricing

  • Android & iPhone platform

  • Single chat

  • Group chat

  • Offline messages

  • Exchange contact details

  • Custom wallpaper

  • Contacts management

  • QR code

  • Friends invitation by email & SMS

  • Advanced notifications

  • Block/unblock users

  • User friendly admin panel

  • Voice record & send

  • File sharing in chat

  • Local database storage

  • Pictures/audio/video/location sharing

  • Catch & share video and images

  • Stickers shop

  • Custom stickers upload

  • Source code

  • Delivered in

Why Choose NectarChat

  • Attractive appearance

    The NectarChat has an attractive wall paper. User profile image can be personalized using the options provided or a new image can be uploaded

    Group Chat
  • File Sharing

    Live conversation

    NectarChat creates a lively environment to chat with options to share pictures, video, and audio clips while the conversation can be saved

  • Unlimited messages

    The user can share unlimited messages with their friends or relatives using the NectarChat by just having an internet connection on mobile

    Manage Contacts
  • Friends & Social Interaction

    Multi-platform support

    The NectarChat Whatsapp Clone script is supported across multiple mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone

  • 100% source code

    Possess 100% source code and avail freedom to implement your own ideas time to time.

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    100% Secure