Multi Vendor Shopping

Will you not be excited when you get multiple options of buying and selling on a single platform? If yes, then you can rather try on TrioCommerce script from Technoduce
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TrioCommerce script builds a powerful website for selling and buying deals, products & Auction.

Will you not be excited when you get multiple options of buying and selling on a single platform? If yes, then you can rather try on TrioCommerce script from Technoduce which provides regular option of shopping cart along with group deals. Sellers can build their business by offering multiple option like multi vendor shopping cart while the customers can enjoy a variety of choice

TrioCommerce script can increase the sales on the site by retaining more number of customers on site. It is a unique script which builds a site that can provide group buying deals along with regular products. Thus users can get the best value for their money while they find their desired product. The TrioCommerce script provides a robust setting panel to control the entire site activities. Social media is aptly integrated with the site for proper communication as well as promote sales by recommending products via Facebook, Twitter, etc

TrioCommerce script builds a powerful website for selling and buying deals and products. The administrator manages the store details such that users can contact them directly. The deals and products are added under relevant stores. User can easily navigate the site by browsing deals categorically below the selected city. The deals and products can also be located on the map which makes it easier for finding nearest deals.

The TrioCommerce is a reliable script which integrates payment gateway for secured money transaction. The sale of deal is validated by both merchant and admin via 'validate coupon code' option. The 'withdrawal fund request' is placed by merchants with admin to claim the fund transaction. The transaction details like whether it has been approved, rejected, completed, failed, or hold is recorded by the admin settings option. The payment setting such as currency code, minimum and maximum fund request amount, API settings etc are managed by the administrator. The script provides various options like modules such as Deal module, Product module etc. The user can choose to activate the particular module that he/she is interested.

Some notable features:
  • Facebook connect login

  • Robust merchant/admin settings panel

  • Category-wise and city-wise listing

  • Availability stock update

  • Commenting and Social media share

  • Locate deals/products/stores on map

  • Posting and managing blogs on site

  • Manage auction

Front end features
  • Product detail page
  • City-wise listing of deals
  • Category-wise listing
  • Product stock available
  • Geolocation on the map
  • Store details and contact
  • View product or deals under that store
  • Comment on product
  • Share on social media (Facebook, twitter etc)
  • Similar products list
  • Refer friends to site
  • Search option to find products
  • Login via Facebook
  • Cart to reflect products chosen for purchase
  • Locate deals on map
  • Subscribe for newsletters
  • Deals nearby city on map
  • Manage auction
  • Multiple bidding types
  • Admin commission amount for auction
  • Autobid option-auction
  • Buynow option-auction
  • Referral income-auction
  • Blogs on site
  • Share or comment on blogs
Merchant features
  • Manage merchant settings
  • City-wise listing of deals
  • Change account/password details
  • Statistics on deals
  • Add deals
  • Manage deals
  • Validate coupon code
  • Monitor transaction on the site
  • Add products
  • Manage products
  • Sold products
  • All/success/completed/failed/hold transaction
  • Withdraw fund request
  • Add and manage shops
  • Dashboard to view reports and statistics
  • Number of active/archive deals
  • Number of active and sold products
  • Number of stores
  • Number of transaction and fund request
Admin features
  • Dashboard with overall details
  • Set values for meta keyword and description
  • Set default theme and language
  • Set contact details
  • SMTP mailer settings
  • Social media page settings
  • Fund request/API/Payment settings
  • Module inclusion settings
  • Image settings
  • Add/manage city
  • Add/manage country
  • Add/manage categories
  • CMS page management
  • Ads management
  • Send newsletter
  • Add/manage/archive deals
  • Validate coupon code
  • Add/manage/sold products
  • Shipping delivery
  • Add/manage customers
  • Manage contact and subscribers
  • Add/manage merchants
  • All/success/completed/failed/hold transaction
  • All/approve/reject/success/failed fund request
  • Add/manage blogs
  • Dashboard with statistics and reports
  • API
  • Payment gateway integration

One of the attractive feature for site users is referral income. The users can get a minimum amount as set by the admin when they refer their friends and relatives to the site. Advertisement can also be managed on the site. Blogs can also be featured on the site with options for social media share for users to express their opinion.

User can login using the Facebook connect option. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc are integrated with the site such that users can share deals and products. They can also express their opinion using the commenting system available with products. The users can subscribe with the site to receive regular newsletters from the site to know about the latest deals and offers on the site. The site has been designed to be simple as well as attractive to retain the customers on the site with intuitive navigation. The TrioCommerce script has the potential to increase the sales and double your business by providing wide choice for customers.

  • Manage Deals

    Daily deals can be listed below the city under relevant category using Admin or Merchant login. Deals can also be edited/deleted/block/unblock

  • Manage Products

    Products can be added on the site with photo and description details along with option to edit/delete

  • Manage Auction

    Multiple types of auction can be conducted on the site with active admin control over the bidders and auction process.

  • Contact Stores

    The store details are made available on the site for easy access of users. Stores can also be located on the map

  • Social media share

    Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc are integrated with the site for sharing products/deals and opinion

  • Commenting

    Users can leave their comment on products and deals such that it is useful for other users to know about the product

  • Similar Deals

    When user views his product of interest, the related products that are similar to it gets displayed which helps the user in finding his need

  • Statistical reports

    Dashboard contains statistical information about the products or deals which gives insight on transaction details, total count, marketing response rate etc

  • Validate coupon code

    Both merchants and admin can validate the coupon code for confirming the sale of the product

  • Withdraw fund request

    The merchants can place a withdraw fund request with the admin to claim their sale amount

  • Manage customers

    The customer information can be managed on the site along with their status, login type, subscriber detail etc

  • Refer friends

    User can refer friends or relatives to the site and earn certain amount of income for each referral. Details are stored by administrator

  • Subscribe newsletter

    Users can subscribe with the site for receiving regular newsletter about the latest deals and offers.

  • Merchant Platform

    TrioCommerce script provides a perfect merchant platform such that merchants can manage their business flexibly

  • What is TrioCommerce Script?

    TrioCommerce script provides more options for selling and buying by including deals, products, auction in a same platform

  • How can I login?

    User can login using userid or Facebook connect. The Admin and merchant can login using the relevant username and password to access the settings panel

  • What is a dashboard?

    Dashboard provides a total insight about the happenings in the site such as number of active deals or products, stores, transaction, fund request, validate coupon code, city, country, customer, blogs, category etc

  • How can I add products?

    Products can be added using add option under 'Products' tab in merchant/admin panel

  • Can I block/unblock the products?

    Yes. You can block or unblock the products by selecting the 'Manage' option under 'Products' tab

  • How can I add deals?

    Deals can be added under relevant city, category, and shop using add option in 'Deals' tab in merchant/admin login

  • Can I block/unblock deals?

    You can block/unblock deals using the manage option in merchant/admin login

  • Who can validate coupon code?

    Both admin and merchant can validate the coupon code to identify the sale

  • What is subscribe option?

    Admin can send daily deals newsletter to the users regarding latest offers and deals using the 'Send Newsletter' option in 'Settings'. The 'user subscriber' option available under 'Customer' tab helps to manage the subscriber list

  • What is withdraw fund request?

    The merchants can place withdraw fund request with Admin to claim the amount for deal sold. Admin maintains the details like approved/rejected/success/failed fund request under 'Transaction' tab

  • Who can add shops?

    Merchants can add the shops by entering relevant details in 'Shops' option

  • How does TrioCommerce script act like merchant platforms?

    Merchants can manage the shops easily on the site. Deals and products can be added under the shops. Merchants gain importance on the site since shops can be added only by merchants. Even the Admin can create shops only under merchants. Thus, TrioCommerce is a complete merchant platform to manage business

  • Who manages customer list?

    The customers can be added and managed by Admin

  • What is referral program?

    User can refer friends to the site to earn referral income.

  • Who fixes referral amount?

    The referral amount is fixed by the Administrator using the option 'Settings - Payment settings'

  • Where can I set value for Paypal?

    Paypal settings can be done using option 'Settings - Payment settings'

  • How can I add City, Country, an Category?

    City, country, and category is added using Admin login under option 'Settings'

  • Can I add blogs?

    Yes. Blogs can be added or managed by admin under 'Blogs' option

  • Is social media integrated? Where can I enter value?

    Yes. Social media like Facebook, Twitter are integrated with the site. The value can be set under 'Settings' option 'Social media page settings'

  • Is there option to run Ads on site?

    Yes, you can run ads on site. The ads can be managed by the Administrator using 'Settings' option

  • Can I set language for the site?

    Yes. Language for the site can be set using the 'Settings - General settings' option

  • Pricing

  • General Features

  • 100% source code

  • Free installation

  • Multi-merchandising platform

  • Create/manage shops

  • Add/manage products

  • Online auction

  • Group deals

  • Live update of auction

  • Exclusive customer login

  • Multiple merchant login

  • Customer contact with stores

  • Safe fund transaction

  • Set currency symbol and code

  • Graphs on transaction

  • Manage modules on site

  • Manage shop setting

  • Notifications

  • Auto complete search

  • Facebook comments

  • Mobile responsive design

  • Mobile app for Android

  • Mobile app for iPhone

  • Custom website design

  • One additional language

  • One Additional Payment gateway

  • New Features

  • Product comparison

  • Multi-level categories

  • Advanced filters (color, size, price, discount & categories )

  • Newsletter template selection

  • Dynamic Image Resize & Image zoom

  • Front end merchant signup

  • Most viewed & Hot products

  • Front end language selection

  • PDF invoice

  • Wish list

  • Autocomplete search


Front end

Try demo from user's perspective

triocommerce Backend

Backend demo

Try demo from admin perspective admin

Merchant demo

Try demo from merchant perspective merchant

Why Choose TrioCommerce?

  • Multi-Merchandising

    A single platform to handle products, deals, and auction with good control on operating the business

  • mobile_apps

    Mobile Apps

    Android & iPhone apps are available along with mobile responsive site that increases user experience

  • One time investment

    There is no installation cost or monthly fee which reduces the investment burden and provides best ROI

    one -time-investment
  • customization


    Modular nature of TrioCommerce supports customization as per user requirement with friendly admin panel