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Engaging Blackberry apps meeting the industry-standard built from scratch or as a ready-made solution with on-time delivery

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Blackberry Application Development

Designing Cutting-edge Applications for your device

The Blackberry is considered to be a sophisticated platform for mobile application development since it has multiple native features that can enhance the application. We at Technoduce provide services for Blackberry application development, aligning with amazing features and customization. Our developers are well-versed in developing business applications as well as other productive apps. A of our accomplishments include a list of interesting games that can keep the user engaged for hours.

Our developers take steps to construct these Blackberry applications right from scratch or as ready-made solutions (functionality) depending upon the demands of each particular situation. We also import applications from other platforms to determine that our clients and the end-users, have a lot to choose from. You will find us as the most synergistic organization that can add 'carol' lights to your every project. Our basic intention is to explore all the features of Blackberry platform, in order develop more such innovative and exciting applications.

Tools and Technology Used

  • C, C++

  • Java

  • Linux

  • Windows XP

  • Mac OS

  • Eclipse version 3.7.1

  • Indigo Service Release 2

  • Core Java

  • Blackberry Java Framework

  • Open GL

  • CSS

  • SQLite

  • Blackberry JDE

  • Blackberry API

Our Services

  • Utilities application

  • Communication application

  • System application

  • GPS and navigation application

  • Business and productivity application

  • Social media application

  • 3D Games application

  • Internet application

  • Ecommerce solutions

  • Client/server application

  • Migration of applications from J2ME to Blackberry

  • Third party porting application

  • CRM application

  • ERP application

  • Rich multimedia application

  • Business Intelligence application

  • News apps

  • Travel apps

  • Bar coding solutions

  • Blackberry mobile banking application

Our Strength?

  • We are one of the streamlined team who express Ace performance.

  • We have Blackberry experts who keep up-to-date with latest tools & technologies

  • Our specialty lies with developing customized business applications.

  • Transparency at work with good communication.

  • Designing and developing applications with intuitive user interface

  • We deliver projects on time with required standard.

Field Experience:
We have developed plenty of applications across different industrial verticals which has given us the confidence and expertise to handle any type of project easily. We have been in the industry since 2011 yet possess resources that have more than 6+ years of experience.

Your projects will be developed as per your specification and need. We strictly adhere to custom development with quality. All our Blackberry application development are customer-centric and meet the exact requirement.

Hire Blackberry Developers:
We have a team of mixed working experience starting from 2 years to 6 years. You can choose the best resource and hire Blackberry developers for developing your projects. You can hire Blackberry developers based on hourly, weekly, monthly, or on flat rate basis depending upon your project size and completion time.

Contact us:
We are keen to hear more from you. You can contact us at for more details regarding our Blackberry application development services.