Can you own an online food ordering system like FoodPanda?

Blog Food ordering and delivery Can you own an online food ordering system like FoodPanda?

Can you own an online food ordering system like FoodPanda?

  • January 20th, 2017

  • Food ordering and delivery


The online food ordering portal of FoodPanda, has made the task of placing orders for food very simple. The customer can browse the menus, compare prices and get food delivered to his or her home, from a single platform! The simplicity of the concept gives great benefits to both the diners, as well as the admins of such food-ordering websites.

Get the GrubHub, Eat24, DoorDash, PostMates, Zuppler, Munchery, Deliveroo, Zipments, SpoonRockets clone scripts to run your business as like these food sites and increase your revenue.

Diners can get to eat what they like, at rates that are comfortable to them, from the very comfort of their own homes. Besides a food ordering website can be highly useful in arranging food for instant parties and get-togethers. The admin of FoodPanda or a FoodPanda clone can generate income as a commission, each time a meal is ordered. No additional efforts need to be taken; the money just pours in.

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The solution?

So how would you like to operate online food ordering business that can be customized and be made unique to your business? Technoduce Info Solutions makes this possible by delivering an online food ordering software named Pakodus.

Pakodus is a programming script devised by Technoduce to enable clients like you to develop their own clone of FoodPanda. It allows you to customize the site in whichever you wish, with the necessary addition of your specific logo and menus. Generate continuous income with just a single investment on purchasing and installing Pakodus. You get a perfect food ordering software for your business.

The process?

Transactions in FoodPanda flow in stages. It starts with the admin of the site.

1. Installs the Pakodus script on his or her website
2. Fixes deals with restaurants in different localities around the city
3. Agrees to the rates of commission that is due to the admin, on each order
4. Restaurant owners are given pages to post their individual information
5. Receives a notification that order has been placed
6. Start successfully running your online food ordering business

Doesn’t that sound as a good investment?