System monitoring tool for IT department

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System monitoring tool for IT department

  • February 14th, 2020

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System Monitoring Tool

System Monitoring Tool: 
In simple terms, the system monitoring tool is used to monitor the employe’s system performance. It is said that the good functioning of the equipment, network, and systems will be the key to business success. Monitoring systems are very essential for any company to control the technology, keep track of the communication, operating systems, etc. These monitoring tools help to prevent incidents and when the incidents have taken place, etc can be detected faster. Thereby saving time and money.
All About System Monitoring Tool : 
1. It is an open-source tool.
2. It is configured by the server, client concept.
3. The application is installed in the server and configured at all the employees’ system for further tracking of the system.
4. This system monitoring tool is used for monitoring system performance like Memory Usage, CPU Overload, DiskSpace, swap usage, CPUJump, etc.
5. It is a continuous monitoring tool, where you can monitor 24/7.
6. It is installed at all employee’s systems provided with unique servers IP address and/ hostname.
7. It is used to find the server & system problems. Those issues are sorted out with the help of the monitoring tool.  Detecting the server performance in the graphical view.
8. Every servers and system are under in the host group.
9. In case if any of the systems are not running, it shows the warning in the main dashboard.
All the monitoring information come from a variety of source and overall provides a multitude of valuable business data. such as analysis in real-time, system alerts, notification, graphical visualization, reports, etc.