The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement

  • January 3rd, 2020

  • Human resource

Employee engagementImagine yourself playing a mobile game that you absolutely love. You are just about to level up when your phone rings. Do you take the call? Or simply ignore the call and continue with the game, focusing on gaining that last power-up required to top the charts? Why is the phone call (that may be important) suddenly not important enough to stop you mid-way like you do while working on something uninteresting and divert your attention? It’s because you are engaged in the mobile game. This engagement is what all organizations are trying so desperately to achieve in their workplace. It’s time to understand what makes them tick and outperform in their work. How to keep them engaged and cash in on their advanced multi-tasking abilities?

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” – Stephen R. Covey, Keynote Speaker

Stephen R. Covey, author, and keynote speaker says that treating employees like customers is the only way to move forward. An unhappy employee will eventually result in unhappy customers.

So, how do we keep employees from abandoning the ship or shifting decks? Thankfully, there are proven strategies to keep employees engaged and make them willing contributors to the overall objective of a company.

What is employee engagement?

To improve employee engagement, you need to understand what it actually is. Employee engagement is the level of personal investment a person has in his or her work. The more personally invested they are in their work, the more it matters to them and encourages them to contribute more. Employee engagement is what you have to work on to raise everyone’s level of personal investment. That way they increase their positive contributions to the organization.

“Employee Engagement is actually not a ‘thing’ but an outcome. I have often stated that engagement is an outcome of a mutual commitment between an organization and an employee where the organization is helping the employee reach his/her potential, while the individual is helping the organization also be successful.”

–Bob Kelleher, President, and Founder, The Employee Engagement Group

Why is employee engagement important?

All conversations have highlighted the concept of engagement and what it means to the employee. But why is it so central for an organization to engage the employees?

Undoubtedly engaged employees are an asset to the company. For, highly engaged employees are:

  • More customer-centric, creative with their work and take less time off sick.
  • Inclined towards the realization of future goals and put in greater efforts for achieving them.
  • Inspired to do their best, and this motivation helps fulfill objectives and reach goals.

These characteristics definitely help create a workforce, full of happy and productive people.