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Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated is a global commercial real estate services firm specializing in commercial property and investment management, providing services for real estate owners, occupiers, and investors worldwide. They established JLL in the year of 1999 based in the United Kingdom and it is a Fortune 500 company with an annual revenue of $19.4 billion, operations in over 80 countries, and a global workforce of over 98,000 as of December 31, 2021.

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February 2016 to Ongoing


JLL is a well-known real estate and investment management firm. They sought to create sophisticated Facilities Management Software to automate Facility Management (FM) operations completely. This would effectively manage all the branches across the globe, as well as centrally track and monitor assets, preventative maintenance, and other facility-related operations through a web-based solution that the individual could access.

The Challenges

The customer required an integrated system to handle all of its facilities' operations and its command-and-control center (CCC). Facility management software that integrates space, people, assets, and maintenance into a single system for a holistic view of facility operations. As well as provide all potential facilities management modules, such as Enterprise Asset Management, Inventory Management, Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Space Management, which is the foremost module, as well as Helpdesk/Ticketing System with knowledgeable, Inspection, and Audit Management, e-Permit-to-Work, and so on.

It was extremely difficult for CCC operators to respond to the alarms from facilities by determining the root of the conflict, defining whether it needed to be fixed up, and, if so, deciding whether the asset was under guarantee and whether a work order must be given to the technician to solve the problem or local engineering could be assigned the job.

Streamlining procedures and dealing with many data - potentially immeasurable reports, manual intervention, and correspondence–was a difficulty.

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The Solutions

JLL teamed up with Technoduce to provide agile services that prioritize the demands of clients. To digitize compliance and reduce staff time, FM began by automating hundreds of maintenance processes.

JLL was determined to ensure that its workforce was optimized in order to advance strategic projects. Their team became extremely responsive to real-time problem data thanks to Technoduce's relevant portable work orders, reducing effort and hours of lost investigation time. JLL management can track team performance with transparency into such parameters as average response time and completion rate for each technician. When SLAs were broken, JLL had the power to customize escalations so that relevant stakeholders were notified quickly and issues could be resolved. In the end, the JLL portfolio of KPIs improved dramatically.

facility management software
  • Maintenance that is contextualized and mobile-driven
  • Preventive and breakdown maintenance on the move.
  • Asset data is grounded in real-time and historical data.
  • Before and after picture verification, QR codes are activated and location tags are added.
  • On completion of the repair, digitally signed invoices are provided.
  • Workplace compliance and worker productivity (KPIs, SLAs)
  • A 52-week PPM calendar that has been fully digitized and is presented in an easy-to-read format.
  • Productivity gains in the workforce (response rate, time to completion.
  • Transparency into assets that are producing downtime, as well as facilities with a high uncontrolled rate.
  • Unique alerts for stage changes, as well as custom approval settings.
Planned preventative maintenance
Service Level Agreement
  • Financial and operational decisions across the portfolio
  • Custom dashboards for real-time understanding (executives to supervisors).
  • SLAs have been improved, allowing for greater transparency with end customers.
  • Reports on the overall operations of the portfolio regularly, with drill-down options (service-wise breakdown to see staffing gaps, top sites with high compliance ratio, Top teams, and more.

Modules Deployed

Technoduce presented a full 360-degree solution that addressed all aspects of the company's facility management system, generating them to life with zeal and precision. The modules that Technoduce has deployed are listed below.

  • Log (Space) Management Software

    Log (Space) Management Software

    Monitor Analyze Track Equipment (MATE) is an automated e-log for paperless engineering operations. Via QR codes, MATE logs periodic readings of all critical equipment and generates performance trends.

  • Checklist and Workflow Management

    Checklist and Workflow Management

    Via QR codes, an area-specific task checklist tool replacing the typical paper checklist, ensuring efficient and supervised checklist and task completion with e-lists.

  • Planned Preventive Maintenance Software

    Planned Preventive Maintenance Software

    Process-driven engineering scheduling through our Digital PPM tool, which assists equipment scheduling by auto-generated, recurring work orders

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Inventory enables digitized stock-keeping across the portfolio with the ability to view real-time stock availability. Acts as a centralized database of all office inventory categories to automate stock keeping.

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Digital records all clients’ physical assets. Archive your asset list and actively track, monitor, and respond to asset activities and review all items across your portfolio.

  • Helpdesk and Ticketing System

    Helpdesk and Ticketing System

    Via QR Codes, the Helpdesk manages job and service requests through calls, emails, and app requests. Users can raise, track, and action service requests through the web/mobile application.

  • Inspection Management System

    Inspection Management System

    Digital Site Inspection checklist enables to capture observation and action, provides a report of Inspection log by roles

  • EHS Audit Software

    EHS Audit Software

    Easily conduct audits, inspections, and assessments, and report and track outcomes to increase the performance of operations across buildings and organizations.

  • ePermit to Work Software

    ePermit-to-Work Software

    Permit to work software helps to streamline many work permits and the isolation process with an emphasis on safety and reliability. Issuing work permits and authorization to perform high-risk activities at the site.


Technoduce has completely developed a facilities management software system that has several advantages for the businesses. The operation's executives could free themselves of the stress of scheduling and organizing their work after partnering with our team. They could devote more time and energy to larger and more essential projects because of this. Finally, the company's facilities received ‌routine maintenance to avoid costly complications‌. Even with the expert help of a smart solution, managing the facilities is not tough. The Technoduce facility management software, which makes scheduling and managing work orders simple, streamlines all aspects of the operation for all stakeholders. The organization offered field personnel relevant tools that made them ask quickly, better, and more productive, making their professional life easier and more enjoyable.

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inspection management
facility inspection audit

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