Project Overview

The online food ordering and delivery app allows customers to browse and filter the menus from their favorite restaurants and place food orders directly through the customized website and mobile apps easily. And delivery agents will deliver the orders to customers' doorsteps on ETA.

The Challenge

Our Bangladesh-based client wanted to develop an on-demand multi-restaurant food ordering and delivery platform for quick ordering and deliveries, with scheduled options for their customers. We investigated the business strategy of our client and concentrated on creating an excellent mobile app for food delivery. We aimed to create an app that only required a few taps on a mobile device and had a single, user-friendly design.

To gain an understanding of their expectations and choices when developing this multi-vendor food delivery system, we looked at other competitor apps to give better output. We intended to create a single design with a user-friendly interface that was as easy to use as a few taps on a mobile device for the users and restaurant partners.

The Solutions

A multi-vendor food delivery system was built by Techndouce with the goal of quickly delivering meals to users at their doorsteps. It is not only reliable but also cost-effective for the client. According to the user's location, the system enables restaurants from various zones to connect and provide their service.

Our development team was briefed on the application designing concept and they immediately began researching our client's competitors and gathering information that would give them a huge advantage over them. The development process was then started, and before graphic design, flowcharts were made to determine the fundamental of the application. We produced these mockups showcasing the information architecture of the upcoming layout during the implementation stage. We designed the system with a certain set of features in mind, and it divided the backend panel into two separate panels, User (restaurants) and Admin, while the front end has a panel that resembles Admin in the backend.

Customer Panel

The consumer panel is a simple-to-use interface that gives customers to register with the necessary information, select the restaurant from which they want to order meals, track the order, choose payment methods, do live tracking, etc.

Easy onboarding

Customers can easily register and set up their accounts by using the social media pages

Ratings and reviews

Customers can drop rating and feedback about the services

Various payment methods

Users can choose convenient payment methods such as UPIs, Cards, or COD

Search and filter

Customers can search their favorite items by name or restaurants to place orders


Users can mark their favorite restaurants and menu items in this section

Real-time tracking

Customers can notify the status of their orders, ‌delivery time, and driver locations.

Admin Panel

The admin panel can manage the entire business operations, up & downscale of the business by providing management tools such as customers management, vendor (restaurants) management, menu/cuisine management, delivery staff management, commission set up for vendors and drivers, and also details analytical reports to understand the business flow and so on.


The dashboard contains information about the total number of orders received, assigned to delivery staff, received by the restaurant, and ready for pickup. Every few seconds, it is continually updated and renewed.

Sub-Admin Panel

The admin can designate sub-admins and give them various duties to carry out various activities.


This feature provides choices for zone markings - Categorises the restaurants & users according to the location and active delivery zones.

Restaurant Management

The administrator has access to the data for the eateries that have registered with them. They can view information about the restaurant, including the type of cuisine they provide, the address, and the delivery schedule. It includes choices for managing holidays and days off, branches (locations where eateries have outlets), and eatery categories (food preference, such as vegetarian or non-vegetarian).


These capabilities give the administrator access to data on the earnings they are receiving from each restaurant separately as well as the ability to make and review any special offers or discounts.

Cuisines & Menus

This feature includes a list of the cuisines offered by the mobile system's associated eateries.


This tool enables the user to gather and monitor reports based on the eateries' monthly performance and user involvement.

Commission Settings

The admin can set "payment settings based on the percentage of amounts" in the admin panel. It will create the bill under the admin's choice of "Weekly" if he wants to pay the eatery every week, as well as drivers' amounts based on the number of deliveries, that have been done. So, the business owners can split the payment easily for their restaurant partners and delivery staff.

Vendor Panel

Vendors (restaurants) can easily set up their accounts in this panel which would be a user-friendly application, so vendors can easily access the application and also submit business documents, restaurant details, operations hours, and so on.

Availability toggle

We gave an on/off based availability toggle button for online/offline mode


We made a dashboard that the restaurants can easily access and that shows information about all orders received, current orders, orders that have been accepted, orders that are ready to be placed, etc.

Menu Items

Each restaurant can easily register with this portal. Vendors have their own set of features. They can handle their menu items, categories, and sub-categories efficiently.

Earning reports

Using this option, restaurants can monitor and manage their sales figures and adjust their business objectives as necessary. And also it allows for more effective service delivery in the Items revenue report. Restaurants can examine which menu items have sold better and which haven't.

Some Features

  • A customer-centric platform that allows for on-demand ordering and deliveries via mobile apps on both Android and iOS.
  • Allow customers to place orders from several eateries in one transaction.
  • Multiple users' orders can be placed in a single transaction.
  • Notifications for managing scheduled deliveries.
  • Allows customers to link instructions to particular meal items in order to customize their orders.
  • A COD parcel service that includes ID verification and cell phone number verification.
  • Admin can use promos to incentivize favored food choices.
  • The food delivery management module enabled
  • Management options for both permanent and ad hoc delivery fleets.
  • Control to set different delivery prices depending on the location.
  • For area-specific delivery management, there is a sub-admin option.
  • Scheduled deliveries have their own tab with real-time tracking options
  • SSLCOMMERZ, a new payment gateway, has been integrated with this system.


We delivered a robust food delivery app that helps to enhance the customer base to find out the various dishes/cuisines from different restaurants according to their preferences.

This helps restaurants provide a hassle-free and smooth user experience, resulting in improved sales with reduced wait times.

This food delivery app will allow users to pay through multiple payment gateways and channels, giving customers a complete cashless mobile commerce experience instead of opting for a cash-on-delivery option.

Restaurants can now enjoy visibility and discoverability to a huge audience. This helps them create a strong and significant brand vision.

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