Business through CroplaChat - Engaging your buyer and seller to have direct chat without revealing their identities inorder to avoid spam calls.

The "CroplaChat SDK" is a tool that can be well-synchronized with iPhone and Android, without messing with current applications. It assists to build an online portal, which serves a common medium for the buyer and seller of any product. Coming with text chat integrated with image,audio,video and location sharing, the CroplaChat is path-breaking kit in the modern age of the internet.


Number Privacy

With our CroplaChat SDK, you can attract the users of your website by keeping the contact details of both the buyer and seller secured. You can let the buyers to initiate the chat with the seller without revealing any of the personal information, unless the deal has been finalized.

Seamless SDK integration

The CroplaChat SDK is designed to effortlessly integrate and function well with any of your existing applications. It comes with a seamless interface. Data can be shared quickly and efficiently. Also the buyer seller chat SDK provides endless possibilities to add features and functions that can be used by even a non-technical person.


Chat Negotiate & Fix Deals

The software development kit provided by CroplaChat can be integrated in web and different platforms, such as Androids and iPhone. Hence, communication between buyer and sellers are made easy. Let your customers to chat, negotiate and fix deals, wherever they are via our buyer seller chat SDK either its classifieds or eCommerce website.



The software development kit provided by CroplaChat can be integrated in different devices, including iPhone, Androids and regular computers. Hence, communication between buyer and seller of your website will be benefited with the following features.


Number privacy

There is no requirement to reveal your phone number, unless it is with your consent. Simply describe the product, add a caption and image via chat, which are ready to sell!

Direct chat

Direct chat conversion

Direct chat is enabled in your CroplaChat SDK. Send and receive text messages to inquire, negotiate and fix. Catch up with various vendors and sellers on the same platform.

Photo share

Photo share

Capture the images of your products and share it on CroplaChat SDK. Let the buyer get the actual 'look' of the product you are offering for sale. Now "Click, Share and Sell!"

Chat History

Chat history

Save, record and look back at all messages in your chat history. Keep track of the exact details of the transactions, including prices discussed and the time at which they took place

Business Related

Business related smiley

Insert a touch of emotion to your business chats while discussing monetary issues. Add a business smiley to keep a pleasant tone while chatting. keep the professional atmosphere relevant.

Location share

Location share with map

Let the other person know of your exact location at the moment. The buyer and seller can also mutually agree on a common place of meet, which can be shared through maps.

Block/Unblock User

Block/Unblock user

You have the choice to stop a customer from chatting with you, if you do not wish to chat with them. Its lets you to stay away from spam calls or chats from fake customers.

Chat management

Separate admin control for chat management

You remain administrator of CroplaChat SDK with control over its content. The posting of unreliable products and false information can be prevented. Admin approves images and chats.


Case studies


A SDK Chat application that can be integrated into online classifieds, to function as a medium of communication between the seller and prospective buyer.



A tool that brings together the users from both sides of an online commercial website to provide a secure form of chatting, without revealing identities of either side.



A single common platform that makes all the conversation occurs in a marketplace website more transparent which benefits both both buyer and seller with their requirements.


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