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Launch your own NFT marketplace platform such as gaming cards, artwork,
software licenses, and digital collectibles.

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Custom NFT app development

Technoduce offers NFT marketplace application development, a new kind of mobile app made to track all your NFT. The NFT marketplace application service is found in any domains such as art, music, videos, collectibles, etc. Technoduce helps you launch your own NFT marketplace application development service with unique features and functionality. Technoduce’s developer provides solutions on both the web and mobile (Android & iOS) platforms.

Our developers are highly skilled in delivering NFT smart contacts. Today the NFT marketplace has a huge market scope. Few market players have their own NFT Marketplaces apps are Opensea, Raible, Binance NFT, and some other emerging apps. Are you looking to launch your own NFT marketplace app? Technoduce developers have professionals, who develop apps with user-friendly interfaces.

NFT marketplace development services

  • NFT marketplace consultation

    Technoduce has an expert offering NFT marketplace consultation by gathering your requirements. We focus on delivering complete end-to-end solutions to keep up your NFT market one step ahead of your competitor.

  • NFT marketplace design and development

    Our developers helps you choose the right technology and platform to set up the blockchain. We have highly skilled NFT designers and developers to determine the marketplace functionality.

  • NFT integration, testing & deployment

    Any third-party integration can be done for your NFT marketplace app such as payment gateway, crypto wallet, social media, etc. Our QA team do the end to end testing and delivering a bug-free application.

  • NFT marketplace support & maintenance

    Technoduce’s team is ready to offer continuous support and maintenance services for managing the NFT marketplace. We help you upgrade the features, functionality, latest OS releases, and third-party upgrades.

NFT marketplace development tools and technology

Blockchain platform Ethereum, Wax, Tezos, Cardano
Storage platform IPFS, Filecoin, Pinata
NFT standards ERC712, ERC 988, ERC 1155
Front-end framework React, Angular, HTML & CSS, JavaScript
Cloud hosting EC2, Filecoin, IPFS
Database management MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Programming language JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, Solidity, Swift

Emphasising features of NFT marketplace app development

  • Digital wallet

    Allows your users to store and manage their NFT and digital assets. It's just similar to an online wallet system.

  • Trade history

    Users can look at the previous trading list and its details. The details include trading history, price, date, & seller details.

  • Storefront

    Our developer offers a perfect online solution for business owners to set up the NFT marketplace platform storefront.

  • Advanced help

    The NFT marketplace app software is provided with a help section or FAQ section for your customers to get them guided.

  • Explore marketplace

    NFT marketplace platform connects buyers and sellers in a single platform. Allowing customers to trade and run business.

  • NFT listing

    Allows users to create listings, these listings provide information such as assets, title tags, prices, and other details descriptions.

  • Buy / Bid

    Admin can easily update the buy and bid option on nonfungible tokens. The NFT platform is incomplete without buying and placing bids.

  • Ratings

    The rating system will be much useful for beginners in the crypto field. This lets users know how to use before they start.

  • Filter

    The NFT marketplace platform has filter options, where your users can set filter options and finetune the result.

Assets listed via NFT marketplace app development

  • Artform
  • Game wearable
  • Game accessories
  • Rhythmic Music
  • Podcasts
  • Video footages
  • Collectibles
  • Tokenized assets
  • Designer sneakers
  • In-Game components
  • Metaverses
  • Artists

FAQ on NFT marketplace app development

What are the main features of the NFT marketplace app?

"Some of the main features of the NFT marketplace app include token search, listing, buying, auction, bidding, wallet, ratings, filter, and much more.

Does your company offers custom NFT marketplace development services?

Yes, Technoduce offers customized NFT marketplace app development services.

How long does it take to develop the NFT marketplace app?

The timeline for the development of the NFT marketplace app completely depends on the requirement of the project, complexity of the project, platform, number of resources used, etc.

What are the front end and backend used for NFT marketplace app development?

Front end - JavaScript, ReactJS, and AngularJS

Backend - Ethereum, Python, Node.js

What are the key benefits of NFT marketplace app development?

It’s one of the digital tokenized assets with security that is accessible to everyone.

Complete transparency




Security level

What type of NFTs can list on your marketplace?

Buyers and traders, arts, gaming, media, music, real estate, and much more.

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