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Efficient React native development for Android & iOS

Technoduce is outstanding react native development company having an experts with latest web and mobile technology. React native is developed by Facebook. It is one of the most advanced growing programming langauage. It's a JavaScript framework has amazing features to develop mobile apps for Android and iOS in single code base.

React native has declarative components to compose a rich mobile UI(User Interface). It was designed to create native quality apps. React uses native APIs to render UI componets whcih can be reused for Android and iOS platforms.

Benefits of using react native for mobile app development

  • Single Code Base

    Build Android and iOS apps in a single base.

  • Rich UI

    React native is UI-focused which has declarative components to make fasetr and smoother feel.

  • Well performance for mobile apps

    React native makes use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), while native platforms are more ‘CPU (Central Processing Unit) intensive for making superfast.

  • Live Reload

    Using this features we can see the changes in live immediately.

  • Intuitive and Modular Architecture

    It uses to reduce the time and flexibility for development team and makes it easier to create updates and upgrades to web applications.

  • Live Updates

    Auto updates with out any reload anything.

React native development services

  • End to End Solutions
  • Support Cross Platform Makes Development Fast & Easy
  • Server Side APIs
  • MVP