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Smart salon software to attract customers. Elegant way to manage your barber, beauty, massage and spa business online.

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Online salon appointment booking software like Booksy, Styleseat, Fresha clone

Launch your own online salon appointment booking software system similar to Booksy, Styleseat, Fresha clone, etc. Now you can build your own customized on-demand online salon booking system to your customers according to your salon business requirement. Technoduce offers the best online salon booking system supported on web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS). We have a readymade solution to kick start your online salon business. Our online salon appointment scheduling software has all the features that meet your business requirement in the best possible way. Admin can easily track and monitor the complete business operations in a single platform. By saving your time and eliminating unnecessary stress, we help you make your appointment run smoothly.

Technoduce offers a diverse range of features for salon business of all sizes. Our salon appointment scheduling software is fitted with everything you need to boost your business, save time, enhance branding, streamlined operations, etc. Take your business to the next level by using the right online salon scheduling software. Our salon software is suitable for any kind of business such as

  • Single salon business

    If you are running a single salon business? We have simple on demand salon booking software to track and manage the complete business operations online. Provided with a robust admin panel and a customer ordering app.

  • Multiple salon branches

    If you have multiple salon branches at various locations? Then we have a multi vendor online salon booking system managed by a single admin. Each salon branch is provided with a separate vendor login and customer app.

Online salon booking & report management software like Booksy, Styleseat, Fresha clone

Who can empower their business with our online salon booking software like Booksy, Styleseat, Fresha clone

  • Barber Shop

    Our online salon scheduling software works well for barbershops. You can eliminate the queue and manage your salon business effectively.

  • Massage Therapists

    Want to start a massage therapist business online? Then all you need is a perfect online on demand salon appointment taking software.

  • Beauty Salons

    Looking for an advanced online salon appointment scheduling system? Our salon application has the best features to attract your customers online.

  • Spas

    Online spa booking software simplifies daily business activities & increases profitability. Increase your business revenue with our salon system.

Our salon management software caters to all types of salon business like Booksy, Styleseat, Fresha clone

  • Hair salon
  • Nail salon
  • Beauty salon
  • Tanning salon
  • Tattoo salon
  • Cosmetology service
  • Makeup salon
  • Spa salon
  • Mobile salon
  • Bridal Salon
  • Make-up Studio

Our salon management system loaded with some advanced features like Booksy, Styleseat, Fresha clone

  • Seasonal offers & discount

    Our salon booking software provides exciting deals and discounts to customers instantly or any seasonal occasions.

  • Customer reviews

    Allowing your customers to post ratings and reviews based on the service provided. This increases the business reputation.

  • Recurring booking

    Our salon management software system has recurring booking features allowing customers to book for recurring service every month.

  • Salon appointment reminder

    An automated email and text reminder helps the customers to take up the service on time. Increasing the business productivity.

  • Salon appointment calendar

    This salon appointment calendar helps admin to view the daily/weekly/monthly appointment orders taken. View appointment on single click.

  • Salon Staff management

    Now you can easily manage your salon staff’s productivity and their performance easily from our on demand salon booking software system.

  • Salon customer management

    salon’s customer data are maintained here. You can send them quick deals and offers based on their recent service taken from the salon.

  • Salon order cancellation

    In case your customer is busy or unable to avail the service, your customer can cancel the order request from the customer app.

  • Salon order reschedule

    In case your customer is busy and wants to reschedule the service. Your customer can reschedule the order according to their convenience.

Advanced features of our online salon booking software like Booksy, Styleseat, Fresha clone

How our online salon booking software attracts your customers?

Advantages of utilising the online salon booking software: like Booksy, Styleseat, Fresha clone

  • It can help to saves time both for you and your customers
  • It gives automatic reminders to both customers and business owners. And also it reduce the missed appointments frequency.
  • The website & apps can have the facility that allows cashless mobile payments.
  • This can give customers hassle experience in payments as they can easily pay with debit or credit card.
  • No need to track appointments via phone calls and emails. Customers can't just barge into the salon now.
  • Promote your brand and special offers with salon booking app

Customer app for salon booking

Deliverables of online salon booking application

  • Customer app

    We deliver customer website front end and mobile apps, so the customer can easily book their appointments using online.

  • Admin app

    Admin can manage and track the complete service providing to the customers, appointment bookings and also revenues, reviews etc.

  • Vendor staff app

    App for staffs to manage their booked appointments and They can manage their portfolio, upload pictures before and after.

Most important features of online salon booking application

  • Dashboard
  • Admin profile
  • Account settings
  • Application configurations
  • Voucher manage
  • Vendor manage
  • Service manage
  • Service catagories
  • Staff manage
  • Booking manage
  • Status of bookings
  • Payment methods
  • Enquiry manage
  • Page manage
  • Address manage
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Activity logs
  • Statistics and reports
  • Profile
  • Dashboard
  • Booking manage
  • Appointment details
  • Staff manage
  • Calendar list
  • Voucher manage
  • Service manage
  • Branch manage
  • Reports
  • Profile
  • Social media login
  • My bookings
  • My vouchers
  • My favourites
  • Service histories
  • Payment mode
  • Customer support
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Language settings

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Frequently asked questions(FAQ) for buying online salon booking software

How will this online salon scheduling software help my business?

Our online salon booking software has unique features such as appointment taking, calendar, manage staff, manage customers, etc. All these features help in increasing the business productivity and attract customers as well.

Does this salon booking software suit my spa business?

Our salon management software caters to all types of salon business such as hair salon, nail salon, beauty salon, tanning salon, tattoo salon, cosmetology service, makeup salon, spa salon, mobile salon, etc.

How much does it cost to develop an online salon booking application system?

The cost of developing the salon app completely depends on the requirement of your business, features and functionality you need in the app.

Does this software suit my small business?

Yes, our application suits both single and multiple salon branches.

Do you have a readymade solution for salon business?

Yes, we do have a readymade solution to kick start your salon business. Our features help to boost up your business.

Can I get reports based on customers with your on-demand salon booking software?

Yes, Our on-demand salon booking software has reports and analytics features, where you can generate reports based on customers, staff and manage the overall business flow.

Do you provide customized solutions for my salon business?

Yes, we are ready to provide customized solutions according to your business needs.

Can I send seasonal offers on salon services to my existing customers?

Yes, we do have customer management features, where you can collect all the customers data and send them seasonal offers via message or mail.

Is my data secured in the software?

Yes, you can completely be assured of your data security.

Do you provide support and maintenance?

Yes, we do provide complete support and maintenance for 1 month after the delivery of online salon booking software.

Do you provide a complete source code for online salon booking software?

Yes, Technoduce offers complete 100% source code for your salon booking software. You can upgrade the features any time from the back end system

Is your Salon booking software easy to use?

There is no technical knowledge required to access our salon booking software. Our online salon booking software provides an interactive solution for your customers to book an appointment online.

Is your salon booking software suitable for my multiple branch salon business?

Yes, our online salon booking software is suitable for both single and multiple branch salon booking businesses. We offer a complete end-to-end solution for any type of business.

Does your salon booking software support only the English language?

No, our online salon booking software supports multiple languages and currencies.

Does your online salon booking software has cancellation features?

Yes, in case your customers are busy or unable to avail of service. Your customer can cancel order requests from the customer app in online salon booking software.

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